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Rutilated Quartz 

Quartz With Rutile Needle Inclusions       

Going strictly by the book, the clearer a gem stone the more valuable it is. While this is normally quite true, there are exceptions to every rule and rutilated quartz is one such exception. Plain colorless quartz does not hold much interest but, the inclusions in quartz can sometimes lift the gem stone from the ordinary. The natural occurence of rutile in quartz excites gem lovers and scientists alike. The immaculate preservation of the rutile needles in rutilated quartz for centuries, opens up a window into the past for scientists. Gem and jewelry lovers grow fonder of the gem once they learn the true story behind it's formation.

This is a very interesting and unique gemstone, understanding the story of rutilated quartz promises to be a fascinating experience. As the name suggests, this quartz type has inclusions made up of rutile. Titanium dioxide is the major component of rutile. Have a close look and a rutilated quartz gemstone and you will see that, the rutile occurs as fine needles. The orientation of the rutile needles in the quartz can vary and this is what adds interest and intrigue to the gem stone. In some cases, all the rutile needles are oriented in the same direction and with sufficient density could appear like a bunch of golden lines. At the other extreme you can find a stunning rutilated quartz gem where, the fine rutile needles are randomly oriented. Pick one such stone and you would never get bored of staring at the piece.

The quartz that holds these rutile needles is more or less colorless, it is the color of the rutile that adds life to rutilated quartz. Rutile needles in quartz can present themselves as a golden yellow, darker brown or even mild grey. Since this is rutile in it's natural form, you might not get the exact color shade of rutile that you like so admire and appreciate the gemstone for what it is. If you are interested in the technical properties of rutilated quartz gems, there is something of interest to you. Quartz has a hardness rating of 7 and rutile measures around 6 to 6.5 on the same scale. Remember that the rutile inclusions are naturally present in the gemstone, and some of them might come up to the surface of the quartz. In the final polishing process, the cut rutilated quartz might show slight depressions at the point where the rutile comes up to the surface of the gem stone. The depressions will be the size of pin points and barely visible. This is because of the difference in hardness of the quartz and rutile. This can be observed in rutilated quartz stones that are cut to specific sizes and shapes.

The story of rutilated quartz would not be complete without talking about how the rutile inclusions might have ended up in the quartz. The formation of any gemstone including quartz can take many centuries. It obviously is a gradual and slow process where, the surrounding environment affects the formation of the stone. Gases, fluids and even other minerals can get trapped into the gem that is being formed. In the case of rutilated quartz, the rutile needles would already have existed in the vicinity where the quartz was being formed. The quartz formation embraces these needles and holds them through the formation (of quartz) process. If you observe the rutile needles in a rutilated quartz gem stone, you will see that they are very fine. In this fine sizes, the needles would have normally broken into pieces. However the fact that they got embedded into the quartz ensures that they maintain their form, size and structure. This is an interesting occurence for scientists too, as it allows them to study the inclusions in an intact condition many centuries after they were formed.

With this background, you will agree that no two pieces of rutilated quartz can be the same. Each piece will have a unique rutile formation unlike any other. When you need rutilated quartz gems, there is an important piece of information that you can give your gem provider. State clearly whether you expect the rutile inclusions to be sparse, medium density or very dense. Your preference for random orientation of rutile needles or orientation along the same direction could also be explained. But, do not be too fussy about this as it would limit your choice and even result in a price hike.

Directstones provides custom cut rutilated quartz in all shapes and sizes. While most rutilated quartz gems are cut with a smooth cabachon cut, you can request for the cut of your choice. Since no two rutilated quartz gemstones are indentical, you can give us your choice of sparsely rutile populated, moderately rutile populated and heavily rutile populated stones as a guideline for custom cutting your order.

rutilated quartz gems


A nice rutilated quartz gem stone, with dense rutile inclusions. The gem towards the based is very dense on rutile. This pear shaped rutile quartz stone has been custom cut by gem cutters in Thailand. Most of the rutile needles are from left to right. The rutile quartz shown here measures 20mm x 14mm. The weight of the gem stone is 15.25 carats. Despite the large size and impressive weight, this piece is priced at just 35 U.S$. We can custom cut rutile quartz in all shapes and sizes according to your needs.

quartz with rutile inclusions


Another awesome densely included rutilated quartz gemstone. This large oval quartz with rutile has reddish brown (more towards brown) rutile needles. Most of the rutile inclusions in this rutilated quartz gemstone are in one direction. This oval rutilated quartz stone, measures 18mm x 14mm and weighs 15 carats. The price per piece is just 35 U.S$. You can buy a single piece or as many pieces as you need. You can request for similar densely included rutile quartz stones in all shapes and sizes.

rutilated quartz gemstone


A good example of randomly positioned rutile in quartz. The color o of the sparse rutile needles in this rutilated quartz gem are a golden yellow. This rutile quartz gemstone measures 15.5mm x 14.5mm. The stone weighs 13 carats and is priced at just 31 U.S$. Buy just one piece or as many as you need. When you order your rutile quartz stones from direcstones, you decide the shape and size of the gem. You can also request for densely, moderately or scarcely populated rutilated quartz gemstones.

rutile quartz gemstone, loose gemstones


A handsome quartz gem with rutile needles. This moderately populated rutilated quartz gems, has randomly positioned rutile needles. The rutile needles are a reddish brown color. This oval rutilated quartz stone measures 16mm x 3.5mm.The stone weighs 15 carats and is very attractively priced at just 35 U.S$ per piece. We can cut as many pieces as you need, even a single piece gem stone order is welcome. Directstones can  custom cut, rutilated quartz or any other gem in all shapes and sizes.

Is Kaisilver?

Having established itself as the world's leading online custom jewelry provider, Kaisilver now extends it's merchandise line to include gems. While there is no shortage of gem stones in the global market, reliable sources for the retail buyer requirements are not many. Most retail gem dealers work with limited inventories, this reduces buyer options. Another problem with these small dealers is the lack of information and reliability when it comes to gem authenticity and value for money. Kaisilver with it's wide network of gemstone mining and manufacturing resources, is the best source for gems of all types, shapes, sizes and cuts. With a support team that is compromised of jewelry and gemstone experts, the advice and suggestions made by the team relate to your requirements and not to fixed sales targets. The website shows a small sampling of the gems that we offer. You can infact request for just about any gem on the globe. All gems are sourced directly from the source, closely inspected and then custom cut by our expert cutters. With a buyer base that includes fashion models, government officials, casino and resort owners, lawyers, financial experts, students and professors, doctors and surgeons, sportsmen and newsreaders we have become the preferred choice for quality gems and jewelry. By cutting out middlemen commissions and multiple agents, we provide great value for your money. Our large online operation does not stop us from welcoming even the smallest order. Gold and silver jewelry is custom made with equal attention to quality, material and craftsmanship. You can choose from our designs or send us detailed for the style and design that you need.


How To Order?

The process to order gems and custom jewelry at Kaisilver is similar. We do not expect you to make a rush purchase. We do wish that you take the time to discuss your requirements with our experts. They will be in a position to provide constructive suggestions that will guide you to make well informed buying decisions. Email all your requirements to provide as much inputs as possible to help us make relevant suggestions. For example if you are keen on getting a green gemstone but, are not particular about it being an emerald mention this in your email. Our gem experts might suggest a green tourmaline or even a peridot instead of an emerald. This suggestion would reduce our profit margins but will give you a gem that, is much cheaper and even more durable as compared to an emerald. When it comes to payments we offer some very suitable options. Paypal is the preferred form of payment, it is fair to the buyer and seller. The buyer when using paypal never needs to reveal credit card of bank information to the seller. We also accept direct bank transfers but prefer to do this on a case by case basis. When it comes to online transactions these days, both buyer and seller are afraid of frauds. It is quite possible that you do not feel comfortable working with us at Kaisilver. We sometimes feel a little uncomfortable with certain transactions too and prefer to keep away from them. There have always been fears of processing payments through Western Union money transfers. With the latest fraud reports, fake sellers and even fake buyers have been pulling off many online frauds using this mode of payment. At the same time we do understand that armed forces from the U.S who are stationed in various global positions sometimes have no other mode of payment besides Western Union. We therefore accept this mode of payment but at the same time, request you to avoid this mode if you do not feel comfortable using it. Shipping is done through FEDEX and you can expect a production lead time of around 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Every jewel is fully custom made and requires the complete attention and concentration of highly skilled craftsmen. When it comes to gems, we could provide faster lead times and this can be discussed for each specific order.

Buyer Testimonials.

Below are a few comments from some of our buyers. As mentioned above we have a very serious interest in buyer satisfaction since our very existence depends solely depends on satisfied buyers. A high degree of repeat orders and a large number of orders being received through buyer recommendations has been at the heart of our success. Kaisilver buyers include people from all professions and walks of life. Fashion models, sportsmen, politicians, lawyers, financial experts, doctors and surgeons, members of the armed forces, newsreaders and journalists, students, casino and resort owners make up most of our buyer list.

.......received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as a EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Beverly Hills, Florida
Thank you very much for all your information and help with the production and safe delivery of the ring. It is indeed more than I had hoped forand I'm sure will be a winner with my wife. It is a shame that other firms can not be as helpful, you are all to be congratulated - Thank you again. Mr.Peter Keeble, U.K.

The ring arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful job. I will be looking at your website over the next couple of weeks to place an additional order. Your workmanship and pricing is excellent.
Thanks again,
Dr. David Williams, U.S






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