Rutile Inclusions In Quartz

Rutilated Quartz, An Amazing Natural Feat

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rutile inclusions in quartz, what is rutilated quartz
On rare occassions, inclusions in quartz stones adds to the value of the quartz. Rutile inclusions in quartz can appear in the form of fine needles, brown to golden yellow are the main color shades for such inclusions in quartz ... more.


Quartz is a fairly common mineral, few quartz varieties have features that make them suitable for jewelry. Rutile inclusions in quartz make the stone more desirable. This might at first sound strange because, we generally hear that inclusions in a gem make it less valuable. Rutile is a mineral and not related to quartz in any way but, nature sometimes makes strange things happen.

Quartz or any other mineral for that matter, is formed in an environment where many other minerals exist. In some cases, the quartz formation occurs in a place where rutile is also present. As the quartz grows and develops, it embraces the rutile and preserves it. The rutile obviously remains trapped in the quartz even after the quartz is fully formed. The gemstone world has uses for such quartz with rutile inclusions, it is referred to as rutilated quartz. The rutile inclusions in quartz can be a golden color or a more saturated yellowish brown color. If you come across a piece of 'rutilated' quartz with dark green or black inclusions, the inclusions are more likely to be tourmaline rather than rutile. In such a case, the stone should rightly be called 'tourmalinated quartz' and not rutilated quartz.

Rutile inclusions in quartz make the resulting stone appealing to gem lovers and scientists too. The fine hair-thin rutile needles would normally have broken and disintegrated many centuries ago. Wind or any other cause for movement, would have caused the fine rutile needles to snap. Thanks to the protection provided by quartz, the rutile inclusions retain form and dimension for millions of years.

Since the existence of rutile inclusions in quartz is a natural phenomenon, the rutile needles can be oriented in just about any direction in the stone. It is observed in many cases that, all or most of the rutile inlclusions in quartz are oriented in one direction. They then appear like a bunch of silk threads, some gem lovers prefer such rutile formations. On the other hand, randomly oriented rutile needles in quartz have their own charm. The rutile needles throw up a nice glitter no matter from which side you look at them.

Besides the orientation of the rutile inclusions, strong variations can also be observed in the density of the inclusions. You could come across a large 1 inch piece of rutilated quartz that has no more than 4 to 5 rutile inclusions. Cutting and shaping such a sparesely populated rutilated quartz gem, can yield a unique and interesting stone. What is more popular is the medium density rutile inclusions in quartz. These could ofcourse be randomly scattered or oriented in one direction. Such a piece of rutilated quartz has a fair amount of transparency with, the rutile inclusions scattered all throgh the stone or only on certain portions. Gem cutters do not normally cut rutilated quartz with a very dense occurence of rutile inclusions, this itself makes such rutilated quartz stones unique. You can find rutile inclusions in quartz so densely packed that the overall appearance of the stone is almost opaque. Let this happen with randomly oriented rutile inclusions and you have, a collector's special worthy to cherish for generations to come.

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